Ironing is one of the biggest causes of damage to clothes. Straighten your clothes without damaging them with EasyIron Spray, which is gentle on fabrics.

Why You Should Not Iron Your Clothes

Imagine seeing your favorite t shirt or dress ruined and damaged from ironing. Think about all the money you had spent buying this shirt, only to see it going to waste.

Your clothes are only as good as how you take care of them. It is important to treat your clothes well so you don’t damage your favorite outfit. 

One of the biggest causes of damage to clothes is ironing. We will explore why is ironing bad for clothes, and explore better ways to take care of your favorite clothes without ironing.

Why is ironing bad for clothes?

1. High temperature exposure

Ironing exposes your clothes to high temperatures, which can leave shiny patches and even burn marks. This can easily happen if your iron is not working properly or if you apply the wrong iron settings.

Some delicate fabrics such as silk can also shrink from exposure to the heat from ironing. On top of that, the heat from ironing can cause fading and discolouration on clothes. 

2. Pressure and friction from ironing

The pressure from ironing can flatten or crush delicate fabrics. This is especially true for textured fabrics. Coupled with the high temperature from ironing, the iron may stick to clothes, which hardens the fabric and wear it out over time.

Moreover, ironing can quickly wear your clothes out from rubbing and friction, which will create holes, no matter how good the fabric is.

3. Permanent iron stains and rust stains from ironing

Ironing leaves all sorts of ironing stains and rust stains, especially if you have an old iron. Cleaning rust stains or removing iron stains from clothes are almost impossible, as they are often permanent.

Moreover, cleaning your iron is extremely time-consuming and costly that it is not worth the trouble. Whether you are cleaning an iron surface, iron plate, removing burn marks or rust stains from your iron, each of them require different steps and materials.

Not to mention the need to replace your iron, which is an additional cost.

Alternatives to ironing that protect your clothes

There are a few alternatives to ironing that are gentle on your clothes. One of the most convenient and efficient ways to remove wrinkles from clothes is to use an ironing spray, which achieves the same effect with less effort, and without damaging your clothes.

What is an ironing spray?

An ironing spray is a convenient tool that helps you remove wrinkles from clothes without ironing. It contains fabric softening and anti-static ingredients that help relax fabrics, making the wrinkles disappear after use. 

Unlike ironing, ironing sprays do not expose heat, pressure and friction to your favorite shirt, which helps protect your favorite shirt from ironing damage. Ironing sprays offer all the benefits of ironing without the cons. Moreover, the ingredients in ironing sprays are perfect for all types of fabrics, ensuring that you look neat and tidy without the risk of leaving shiny patches or burn marks on your favourite clothes.

In addition, an ironing spray is more than just a great clothing care tool. It is also quicker than ironing! The ingredients used in ironing sprays relaxes fabrics in seconds, allowing you to remove wrinkles from clothes in a convenient way. No iron or ironing board is needed.

What ironing sprays should I use?

Choose an ironing spray that contains enough fabric softening and anti-static ingredients. Too few fabric softening ingredients will make the ironing spray ineffective, and too much fabric softening agents can potentially leave a spot on your shirt that you need to wash away on your own.

Ideally, you should only use an ironing spray that has less than 5% fabric softeners and a water content of at least 80%.

EasyIron Spray is a convenient, versatile and practical ironing spray that is made to help you take care of your favorite clothes. This ironing spray contains the perfect balance of water, fabric softening and anti-static ingredients that help remove wrinkles from clothes in less than 1 minute, without leaving any stains on your clothes.

In 3 simple steps, you can iron your clothes without ironing: simply spray, tug and hang! EasyIron Spray also comes in travel-sized bottles, allowing you to straighten your clothes anywhere. It can also be used on all types of fabric, including all your clothes and even curtains and bed sheets.

It is the only ironing spray you will ever need.


You can make your favorite clothes last a lot longer by substituting ironing with ironing sprays. Before you iron your favorite Gucci shirt or Prada t shirt, try out an ironing spray and see the results for yourself. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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