It is hard to manage your time as a working professional. Make your life easier with EasyIron Spray - the easiest way to remove wrinkles from clothes every day.

10 Reasons Why Working Professionals Love EasyIron Spray

It is difficult to be a productive working professional, especially if you have a busy and packed schedule. You need to juggle your time between work and everything else in your life.

This leaves very little room for boring and mundane chores, such as ironing clothes, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. Wouldn’t it be great if there is a fast and easy way for you to look neat and tidy in your outfit without having to iron clothes at all?

Fortunately, there is a fast and easy way to stop ironing forever. EasyIron Spray is the easiest way to iron clothes without ironing, allowing you to remove wrinkles from clothes in 1 minute. However, EasyIron Spray is also more than that. These are 10 reasons why working professionals would love EasyIron Spray.

1. Easy to use

EasyIron Spray is much easier than traditional ironing. Unlike ironing, you don’t need an ironing board or iron to straighten clothes. With this ironing spray, you can easily remove wrinkles from clothes in 3 simple steps: just spray, tug and hang!

Watch as the wrinkles disappear from clothes in seconds, all without using iron. EasyIron Spray is designed to replace ironing altogether, allowing busy working professionals to get ready to leave home and impress people with minimal effort.


2. Faster than ironing

Did you know that a person spends about 2 hours a week ironing clothes?

Ironing clothes is a time-consuming process. You need a lot of time to take out your ironing board, organise your clothes, heat up the iron and apply the iron to every piece of shirt, dress and pant. 

EasyIron Spray is created to help you remove wrinkles quicker than ironing. Not only it is the easiest way to iron clothes, it is also the fastest way to iron clothes. Instead of spending 5 minutes straightening every shirt or pant, do it in less than a minute with this ironing spray. 


3. No risk of burning yourself

Have you burned yourself while ironing? Even if you are careless for a second, you can possibly burn yourself badly from ironing. The scorching hot surface of the iron might leave a blister, or worse, hospitalise you. For a busy working professional, the last thing you want is to time off from work to visit the clinic or hospital.

EasyIron Spray is created to help people avoid the risk of burning themselves from ironing. This ironing spray does not have any health hazards, whilst helping you to straighten clothes much easier and faster than ironing. 

4. Portable 

Are you going on a business trip or a short vacation? Don’t have access to an ironing board or iron? Don’t worry. The portable EasyIron Spray is designed to help you look neat anywhere, wherever you are.

Unlike ironing, this portable ironing spray can be carried anywhere you go. Whether you are going for a business trip or vacation in another town or overseas, bring an EasyIron Spray with you and iron your clothes without ironing. Treat yourself with the portable EasyIron Spray so you can focus on your business trip or vacation instead. 


5. Convenient

EasyIron Spray is convenient for everyone, but especially for busy working professionals. This ironing spray not only saves you countless hours but also helps you simplify your daily routine because you don’t have to iron your clothes ever again.

This portable and light EasyIron Spray helps you look neat in any condition, anywhere. Whether you are meeting an important client or heading to the office, you can iron your clothes without ironing easily and quickly from home, in your car or even a small hostel.

The convenience of EasyIron Spray gives every busy working professional peace of mind. Even if you forgot to iron your clothes or wrinkled your favourite shirt halfway through the day, this ironing spray makes those wrinkles disappear within a minute. 


6. Protects clothes

Did you know that ironing damages your clothes? The high temperature and constant friction from ironing will burn and tear the fabrics, leaving burn marks and even holes in your shirt or dress. 

One of EasyIron Spray’s objectives is to make your clothes last longer. Whether it is a work uniform or your favourite dress or shirt, this ironing spray helps you avoid burning your clothes or leaving any holes entirely. 

Moreover, EasyIron Spray’s ingredients actually help protect your clothes longer. Its anti-static agents keep static electricity away from clothes, which then keeps away dust from your shirt or dress. Over time, this will help you make your clothes look newer and fresher for much longer. 


7. Removes odour

If you worry about bad odour on your shirt, EasyIron Spray will quickly remove odours from your shirt immediately.

This ironing spray is more than just a convenient replacement for ironing. The fabric softening ingredients in EasyIron Spray act as an instant odour remover, which not only removes odour from clothes but also prevents odour altogether. Just apply it on your shirt before you leave home, and you never have to worry about bad odour on your shirt the entire day!

EasyIron Spray is more than just a tool that helps you iron clothes without ironing. It is also an effective and fast odour eliminator. 


8. Versatile 

EasyIron Spray works not only on clothes but on any type of fabric. 

This ironing spray contains the latest blend of fabric softening and anti-static ingredients, allowing you to smooth away wrinkles from any fabric you have. That means you can use EasyIron Spray to remove wrinkles from bedsheets and curtains too!

No fabric is immune from EasyIron Spray. All you need to do is spray, tug and hang, and watch those wrinkles disappear by themselves. It is the only ironing tool you will ever need in your life.


9. Reduces clutter 

Keeping an ironing board and iron takes up space at home. This can be frustrating and annoying, especially if you have multiple people living in a house. 

By replacing ironing with EasyIron Spray, you can remove the ironing board and iron from your house, removing unnecessary clutter and making your house look tidier. You don’t have to worry about setting up the ironing board every day or every week – you can donate or sell them once you start using EasyIron Spray.

Studies show that a tidier environment at home reduces stress. Imagine coming home to a tidy house and the peace of mind it gives you. All you need to do is replace the ironing board and your iron with EasyIron Spray.


10. Energy efficient and recyclable

Did you know that ironing takes up a big chunk of your electricity bills? For some, this can be as high as 30% of their total electricity bills. This is not only expensive but also highly damaging to the environment. 

EasyIron Spray is created to help you save on electricity by ironing clothes without ironing at all. Moreover, it is also eco-friendly, using only environmentally sustainable ingredients. EasyIron Spray’s bottle and box is also 100% recyclable.

This convenient ironing spray doesn’t only help you reduce your electricity bills every month. It is the environmentally sustainable ironing spray that helps create a better world and a better future for you and your children. 



It is hard to juggle multiple responsibilities as a busy working professional, whether at work or at home. However, there are tools that can make your life much easier and stress-free, such as EasyIron Spray. It is not only the easiest way to iron clothes without ironing, but also the tool that will help you live an easier life as you go about your busy routine.

Check out EasyIron Spray here. They are also available on Shopee.

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